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Jimmy, 51 years: Hi  I've got a profile here at LBK to find my dream wife.  I'm not here for sex or webcam sex, I'm here only to find a wife to Love in sickness and in health till death do us apart!  I have since my teens dreamed of a Shemale girlfriend and now later a Shemale wife.  There is nothing so wonderful, beautiful and sexy as a pre-op Shemale Woman! I mean this from the bottom of my heart!   My greatest wish and my biggest dream is to find a non-op TOP Shemale bride who wants to marry me and love me for who I am.  I'm not a paying customer yet so I can not answer your mess except with "quick answers".    I'll try to be a bit sneaky and see if it works.   Hugs and kisses
online Jimmy (51)
online Diane (31)
Makati Cit
Jayson, 20 years: hi,hello,im jayson im a gay man and  i am looking for a seriuos white people{ gay man }with broad thinking whatever my gender and those who accepted me totally  be who i am. im generous ,kind ,flexible ,honest and loyal. and most of that iam very serious.. just leave a messege if you are interested to me... thanks . love and kiss from  jayson..
online Jayson (20)
San Pedro
Greg, 45 years: Quiet, relaxed and easy to talk with...looking for the same, thank you...
online Greg (45)
Los Angele
Princess, 24 years: life is short time is fast no replay. no rewind so enjoy every moment as it comes. looking for partner who i can spend my wholelifetime with.
online Princess (24)
Quezon Cit
Kweevin, 41 years: Please read my profile before you send me a message. After I like to hear how you refere to it or if you can proof me your worth it to get to know better. Theres many people try to get in touch with me and its hard to sort out the right once. Try not to add me in any chat before we have cleared if we click somehow. People with no detailed information about themselves wil be ignored. And people thy to contact me and ignoring these facts will be blocked.  Hi everyone, thank you for your interest. Originally I\'m from Europe. During the summer months I live there and in the Winter time I take care of my little Farm in the Philippines. In my life I try to adopt and live the respect of Native Amerivan Indians towards Mother Earth in Permaculture Farming, Buddhist observation and practice to stay balanced in everydays Life and challenges it brings and psycological knowledge to understand the patterns and sometimes mindgames of the human lover self.  I have a plan to sele my farm as soon as possible. But i may change my mind if theres a chance to find a suitable partner which likes to do Farming with me, shares Ideas with me to make come true by being creative. I had relationsips with Women as with Ladyboys and can accept both as long as we click together. Someone with a spiritual conscuious soul open to live in a community of similar minded people. Is not afraid to discuss difficulties or solve problems. Someone whos goal is unselfish love, giving with no conditions but with a healthy balance, coz she has experienced and knows what damage a selfish self does to herself and others. Maturity does not mean the same for everyone as friendship also, specially if we are from different cultural background. Mature is someone with an old soul, knowing this life is only a visit on planet earth and she has lived many lives on this planet before deep inside. Someone who can listen to her heart (god) and intuition and usig the mind (devil) only when necessary, like to look back and learn from negative experiences. Experienced other cultures and can adopt and accept other views also.  Someone with a universal feeling of respect towards other beeings and mother nature.  Honesty to myself and others is of great importance to me, if you can\'t be completely honest you will end up in conflicts which you may not be able to handle anymore. Meanig if I dont like something, I share it with my partner, rather than to carry on coz something brings me profit. All actions and decisions have a price, question is if we are willing to pay it, but mostly we think we can but realice to late when the cause has reached us, and mostly we then don\'t realice where it comes from and tend to plame someone in our presence connected with it.  Don\'t be offended, but I rarely reply to people below the age of 3x, only if I feel you have enough potential and maturity... I made my experiences already and know what I am talking about. And don\'t try to convince me that you are different than others, coz when it comes to fear, conflict and communication it turns out that you can\'t handle it like most of the rest ;-) So maybe you should be more precise what your talking about... right?!  And if your affected by what I state and feel you must defend yourself then it has something to do with you and not with me. When were in the lover self energy, we try to protect our weak sides, by trying to find and expose a weakness in the other person, simple to distract from our own waekness. If a persons attitude bothers us, it is mostly a reflection of your own behavious which we haven\'t accepted yet or don\'t allow our partner to live...   I\'m not looking for a beauty queen, coz I\'m a nature guy, love to live in nature and work in and with nature. If you can\'t imagine working in a garden and getting your hands dirty, don\'t try me. If your not open to learn new things or from your mistakes now admitting them to the partner you wana live with, then I\'m not the right guy for you.  Jealousy is another sickness of the lover self, like a teritorial defence mecanism and relationship killer number 1. We are all made by the same creator, why are we not able to share our harmonious love with others? Moodyness, people who need \"exessive\" virtual distractions by their phones, watching movies till late at night and waking up late going out to have fun and get drunk and so forth.  On my Farm I work on a permaculture demo Farm project. Resepectign and recycling natural resurces, all gifts of Mother Earth Occationally I invite Couchsurfers and Volunteers or people interested into spiritual community life and selfsustaining farming are also wellcome!  Currently I am back to my home country and may be back in the Philippines by October.  A relationship is not my priority, since I need some time to get to know a person first by exchanging interest, then meeting a few times, feeling someone and then see if we click. But mostly I can feel that after exchanging a few lines with you already. But I\'m always open for new people in my life with a open mind and interest for deeper conversations and understanding of the universal laws.  Feel free to get in touch with me and leave me a mail, sharing a bit more about yourself. Please don\'t send me just a Hi or How are you. Ecxept your in that on the surface, psydo shy, fear generating, small talk category....hehe  For me its difficult to find someone with similar interests, therefore I may testing out a few people at once to feel their caracter and being inside, coz with nice words and a beautiful body one can be distracted, but when it comes to real icounters, people show their real nature.   Looking forward to get to know you deeper... from your inner being.  In universal-one ness Your Kevin
online Kweevin (41)

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