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LadyboyKisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Amara and Donald 04 Jun 2012 Success story
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First thanks to Ladyboykisses because I have met my soul mate. He is Donald from USA, we met last year in Cancun and it was a great time. He is a good man (the best I have ever met), he shows me how important I am for him and we have plans to get marry soon. Altough it was not my dream going to USA now I wanna be with my love and I'll go to there this year. We had a perfect match since we met first time we share likes and a lot of things in common.

Thanks God because after some mistakes I finally found a good man for me. I mean someone who loves me the same way I love him.

I want you in my life foverer Donald.

princess ronnel and jeff,,, 30 May 2012 Success story
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I would like to thank Ladyboykisses for making my dreams come true.

Finally I found the one for me! It's really a blessing to meet Jeff!!!!

The love of my life is a very nice person, loyal, honest, loving. I love you with all my heart and soul! I promise I will do my best to make you happy!

Thanks for your unconditional love! You are one of a kind! I will love you until the end!

Thanks for this site because here is where I found my future husband!!!!!

Once again thank you so much and god bless us all guys,,,,,,,,,,,

Mike and Bea 21 May 2012 Success story
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I came across LBK when surfing the net. At first I just looked around the site not thinking that these kinds of sites really work. Out of a whim I decided to purchase a membership. After setting up my profile, I was flooded with contacts. I felt like a kid in a candy store. So many choices. At first it was fun and I had over 50 contacts on my list. Then I knew that I needed to getting this list down to one. I made a decision that I would base my choice on the area that I would travel to. I chose the NCR. I finally narrowed my choices down to two. What agony, how to pick one. I did and made the trip to Manila. The trip itself was an adventure and was baffled on how to find Bea in the crowds of people. I was about to give up when I saw her walking toward me. The recognition was immediate as was the core excitement. Bea and I clicked insantly, even though we had chatted only for a couple of weeks. Bea and I spent the next 6 days in constant company. I do not think I could have ever found such a wonderful person such as Bea if not for this site. We are in daily contact and are making plans for my retirement next year. We plan on me going to the Philipines and living with Bea for the rest of my life. I cannot believe my good fortune, and look forward to my retirement rather than looking at an empty life as before.

Rick 13 May 2012 Testimonial
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I am deleting my profile after only a week...there are some beautiful girls on here, unfortunately many are really looking for something more than what their profile indicates (money?) It's a shame, because it creates an air of cynicism for others looking to make a real connection. To those of you who are REAL, good luck in your search, Rick

Barbie, if you read this I think you're wonderful!

cher and frank 05 May 2012 Success story
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Thank you soooooooo much Ladyboykisses!

I already found my soul mate in the first week of June! I'm leaving to Germany to start a new happy wonderful life with him.

I'm sooo proud of Frank! He is a nice loving person! We are planning our marriage in germany.

Words just can't express my happiness!!!!!

Once again: Thank you soooo much LADYBOYKISSES! You are the best!!!!!!

Ralph and Angela 20 Apr 2012 Success story
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Dear All,

Angela and I met in LadyboyKisses and we clicked immediately. I am glad and excited that I met an honest and truly understanding person that I have been looking for.

It is also important to mention that Angela did understand me so well and in return I am determined to have a very positive impcat in her life that will ultimately lead us to live together in my home country.

The plan now is that we will meet next month although will be talking daily and I am so comfortable being with her.

They say finding a good ladyboy is difficult but I think it is not that difficult once you do the right search and Angela was for sure my luckystrike.

Always have faith and stay positive and good things will happen. Thank you Angela for becoming part of my life for good.



Michael and Jodi 19 Apr 2012 Success story
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Hello to all members of this site!
Before I will delete my profile I want to tell everybody in here about what happened and why I will leave lbk now forever:

In February this year I met my soulmate Jodi in this site. We started our first conversation and this did last more than 3 hours… After this we met every day chatting and starting knowing each other better and better. When talking we felt that there was so much that did connect our hearts and souls – so we decided to meet in real.

End of March I was able to have some days off from work so I booked a flight to the Philippines to meet Jodi over there. And I have to say that we have had a wonderful time together and I am so very sure now I have fond the most beautiful, loving kindest and serious person in the whole wide world and have fallen in love with the most beautiful woman I can imagine. My wonderful Jodi and I really have fallen in love and we are talking and communicating every day by ym, sms or phone cause it was so very hard for both of us that I had to leave again. But I will go back to the Philippines in July and we both are hoping this will be the beginning of a new life together!

All this is because we met in this site and so now we don´t need an account in here anymore. A big, big “thank you” to lbk making this possible and making Jodi and me so very happy! Hopefully we will marry soon and live together in love.

The only thing to say to all the other members who are searching seriously in here is – don´t give up, for sure there will be a soulmate for you too, you only have to find a serious one that will touch your heart very deeply!

Bye forever in here and much luck with your searching!
Yours sincerely,
Jodi and Michael.

Angel and Robert 07 Mar 2012 Success story
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Hello people in this site Ladyboykisses,

Before anything else i would like to thanks this site, I'm so happy here!

After long years I finally found my special someone. He is very kind and and honest with me, and for me I'm so honest with him. I opened my my heart to him because I love him so much for the rest of our life! Thank to my future husband M.R Robert

Now we plan to get married...

Thank you Ladyboykisses!!!!!!!

I'm so happy this site and proud!!

Girls that look forward to the serious love: good luck!!!!


Mocha and Andy 13 Feb 2012 Success story
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I am thankful to this site, because it gives me luck in finding the man who loves me despite of who I am... But god had taken him away from me. I know he (Andy) is up there in heaven now and he is always guiding me and protecting me. I wish that in his guidance, I can find someone like him in this site again... I am one man woman. and once I fall in love, I devote myself into him. I hope that with this second search of mine to find my lifetime half, will not take me too long to wait. and im wishing that I can find a man who is honest, and has word of honor and integrity. a man who will never hurt me and never lie to me. Let love lead the way....

To Andy, I always pray for you every morning and every night, hoping that your spirits will guide me through, until I found my paradise...

Thanks, Ladyboykisses!


Bee 06 Jan 2012 Testimonial
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I once believed all was true... I tried to delete my previous account for the purpose of our relationship, I was thinking our journey in searching was finally done. So true... I feel the sincerity, we had plans, we are good.. but it doesn't last long, with no explanation, sacrificing your time to wake up early morning just for the sake of conversation.

Being a ladyboy, is hard, sometimes we feel like a craft or a toy which you can play for a while and get another tape to play more games.. some mens don't care about the feelings.. But yet, I was very THANKFUL to - for giving me way to learned something, be hurt and stand again to be strong. This is a journey that I could remember for the rest of my life.. I will let you go now MARK, promised me to be happy.

Bee Bernabe

Trisha and Lars 03 Dec 2011 Success story
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Thank You Ladyboykisses
Now we are Happy Living Together now

Alysa Mae and Tobe 03 Dec 2011 Success story
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I was so happy that I became a member of this site,
because of this site I found the man of my dream..
The man who will love me unconditionally..
I was so happy that I found Tobe...
He completed my life....
I love him so much!
and I hope our relationship will remain forever,,,,
thanks for LadyboyKisses...

John and John 05 Nov 2011 Success story
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I thank soo much Ladyboykisses for giving me the chance to meet the most genuine and loving person here who changed big thing in my life for the better!

We finally got married last Oct. 20, 2011 in the eyes of God as our witness together with my family and friends..I can't wait to live my life with my hubby in Australia very soon!!

Once again,thank you and May God bless us all!!!


Megan and Brian 23 Oct 2011 Success story
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A wonderful life I have ever had...

Wolfman and Arci 04 Sep 2011 Success story
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Hello Ladyboy Kisses!

Thanx for this opportunity to meet some interesting but also challenging people. But in the end it did help me to meet someone which I met before in real, since some people are shy to talk to me and afraid because of their jealous friends.

I'm glad I met Arci in my life and found someone again after many years to which I feel really connected to the heart, which is rare and I never thought it can happen with a person like her.

A big appreciation to our creator YHWH which gives us always and in every step of our lives what we need to grow and return back home.


Mikeala and Robert 25 Aug 2011 Success story
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Hello I am Mikaela from philippines.
I would like to thank to because I found my destiny and now im happy because I am with him.. and thank you to all ... god bless

Michael and Rachel 24 Aug 2011 Success story
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Thank you LadyboyKisses,

We have meet as a perfect match here and we are now true couple in love and we intend on getting married soon. We have never been more happy than we both are now and even though it took a while before we found each other, we have and couldn't be more in love and we are both looking forward to sharing our lives together as husband and wife.

Michael and Rachel

Ms. Philippines and Mr. United Kingdom 09 Aug 2011 Success story
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I already found him....thanks I AM SO HAPPY God Bless us! Words cant explain..!

meL 27 Jul 2011 Testimonial
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wow... i was amazed about Bill... i hope that someday somehow... i'll meet a guy like him.. someone who will accept me for who i am despite of my imperfections.... someone that could understand my situation.. someone that will love me and trust me..

Thumbs up for you both! Hope the love between you will never last...

reynaldo and ngo 21 Jul 2011 Success story
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I am very happy!

Thank you Ladyboy Kisses!