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LadyboyKisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Michael Australia and Rachel Philippines 24 Aug 2011 Success story
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Thank you LadyboyKisses,

We have meet as a perfect match here and we are now true couple in love and we intend on getting married soon. We have never been more happy than we both are now and even though it took a while before we found each other, we have and couldn't be more in love and we are both looking forward to sharing our lives together as husband and wife.

Michael and Rachel

Ms. Philippines Philippines and Mr. United Kingdom United Kingdom 09 Aug 2011 Success story
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I already found him....thanks I AM SO HAPPY God Bless us! Words cant explain..!

meL Philippines 27 Jul 2011 Testimonial
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wow... i was amazed about Bill... i hope that someday somehow... i'll meet a guy like him.. someone who will accept me for who i am despite of my imperfections.... someone that could understand my situation.. someone that will love me and trust me..

Thumbs up for you both! Hope the love between you will never last...

reynaldo Philippines and ngo Austria 21 Jul 2011 Success story
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I am very happy!

Thank you Ladyboy Kisses!

Bill United States of America and Aubrey Philippines 22 Jun 2011 Success story
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When I entered this site, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been with a transgender person and didn’t know if I would enjoy the reality of it. Certainly I had fantasized about it, and even looked at a local US website advertising TG sex for sale. I have also never been with a prostitute and while some of the ladies were very attractive, the idea didn’t appeal to me.

My fantasies, like most male fantasies, were about sex. And on this site I certainly discovered ladyboys attractive enough to fantasize about. The fact that they were half a world away didn’t bother me. I had thought about retiring to the Philippines anyway, because the cost of living is so much lower than in the States. It was a simple matter to write my profile and start corresponding with ladyboys whom I liked or who liked me. I started that correspondence about a year ago.

Unfortunately, my first encounter was with a young (20 years old) girl who really wanted my money more than me. Fortunately, however, I had made enough other contacts at that time to encourage me to continue, and I’m glad that I did. As time went on I corresponded most seriously with two ladyboys, one in Manila and one in Cebu. I decided that in the fall of 2010 I would come to the Philippines on vacation. I told each about the other. Neither was happy to learn they weren’t the only one I was coming to see, but I wanted to be truthful. I explained that I was considering moving half way around the world to possibly enter into a relationship and I couldn’t afford to make a quick or wrong decision. Each of them understood.

At that time I had done research on the most desirable cities to retire to and Cebu seemed the best choice. It is way smaller than Manila, less expensive, and still had most of the advantages of a big city. I planned my 3 weeks accordingly, spending one week in Manila and two weeks in Cebu.

When I arrived in Manila, I met Aubrey. It was fairly late, around 10 PM, and I had just checked into the hotel that she had recommended. After depositing my luggage I returned to the lobby. I looked toward the door just as she was entering and recognized her immediately, as she did me. She was tall, slim, graceful, even elegant while wearing jeans and heels. That instant was magic, the physical attraction was immediate, almost overwhelming. Her smile was magnetic. We embraced, kissed briefly and then left for the room.

We had had an argument before I came. She had made me angry by asking me for money. Although we had been talking over the web for 6 months, I was resentful of her request because of my initial experience. She apologized, over and over again, assuring me she wanted to meet me, not my wallet. I had said fine, we would meet but only talk. After meeting her, there was no way I was going to keep that promise. We had a wonderful few days and then I flew to Cebu.

My girl there was terrific. She showed me all around the city and the island. I met her family and visited her work. She was as sweet and generous as a person could be. She was also very lovely as well. But my heart was back in Manila. After two weeks, so was I.

I can’t account for love. It is chemistry that defies logic or control. It happens with us, but mostly to us. And what I was feeling for Aubrey was the beginnings of love.

In about 5 months, I retired and met Aubrey in Manila. After some conversation and web research, we decided to settle in Laoag, a city of about 100,000 people in the northeast of Luzon, about 10 hours by bus from Manila. It is close to her home town, living costs are very reasonable, and she is familiar with the language. I have never had someone care for me as much as she does. We have been together for only a month at this point, but I couldn’t be happier.

I know this story is long, but there are a few points I should make. The girls I met on this site were nearly all very considerate, sincere and sweet. They are people whom it is an honor to know. Those who manage the site should be commended for screening out the undesirables. And while I was motivated to come here by sexual curiosity, what I found here was genuine, absolute love from a truly wonderful human being. I am happy to say that I return that love in any and every way that I can.

A last point. It is good to be worried of anyone asking for money. At the same time, the Philippines is a very poor country. A college teacher with a master’s degree earns about $300/month. A pharmacist earns about $350; a CPA makes around $600. After I had established a relationship with these girls, and trusted them and knew them, I was happy to help them financially. I don’t recommend it, but I have no regrets. I have been treated extremely well.

Hailey Philippines 02 Mar 2011 Testimonial
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I've been here for like a year or so..
Hoping that someone out there will be there for me, to share life with and everything that we have!

A dating site is a tool that giving individuals a chance to meet someone and also discover other culture and personalities..bottom line LBK is one of the dating sites opening the doors for Ladyboys to find one soul that can be a part of their life as a partner and love one even though we have a very unique and unusal being....and its good that equality and love is here ....

Most of us, both guys and ladybosy, are seeking for real, genuine, honest and serious person to be with. Lets say 7 out 10 member looking for the right person. Mmmmmm the rest are for fun and friendship and the likes.
Having same reasons on why I am still here is because I never find the Mr. Right for me because if I am I maybe write on a succes stories like others did.
Were looking same thing and yet its hard for us to find him or her..hmmmm, whats wrong ? Are we on the most unfair world? Or perhaps, there is something wrong on our end, are we getting so choosy, sensitive, or perhaps doubtful and confuse...
On my personal experience here ..people come and go..
They come easily and fast and they go easily and fast..
A word of hi, hello, how are you, what you doin,,about a day or week messages and chats and thats it..
Why? this is because of the word SEARCH! People here will keep searching and searching, we sometimes have a standards that so hard to meet..or we are being so choosy and so we are keep searching because there are a lot of member to choose from that you can check if their personality are the one you are looking for.

Guys whatever experience you have had before on your previous search or previous partners you have met here on other datign site , don't put and think were all the same. I have heard altough of stories about guys think all ladyboy here are same and only doing such things as scam or whatever you guys called that, cos if thats so we can't even have the chance to share love , romance and respect because right there on that very exact thinking you have will stop and put barricade and that is foan be a hinderance and obstacle for us to bond together.

It is hard to please everydbody, we have all different personalities and believe but if we just keep our self tight share trust and respect, love and full acceptance, attention and commitment we can barely discover each other, eventually we can be on a good relationship.

Been with so many person here from different part of the world, one thing I noticed... so many are called.. but only few were chosen...
in that sense.
If you were the chosen one,,, hold it and keep it tight,, don't loose the chance.. somehow be serious, becuase its not only the person we are talking about. It is also the heart that loves and accept, a heart that cries when it hurts, and love takes time to heal when you hurting so much... though too much love will kill you. We must share love not tomorrow but every now and then..
good luck guys :-)
May we find the one ..who knows my next letter might be on the SUCCESS STORIES :-)

Angela Thailand 12 Jan 2011 Testimonial
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This is an evil website to degenerate people fall into sex and freak desire. Even if there's real a success story, the man or the woman will keep looking on here after they get together. Because the people here are more desire to say next one will be much better than current one. What's the meaning of a dating website?

Mica Philippines and Harald Netherlands 05 Jul 2010 Success story
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Dear Ladyboykisses,

i am Mica Rowell Saga of Matalom. Leyte but also having a career as a DJ/PERFORMER in 102.3 Hot Fm Bohol and happily had proven my perfect match MR. Harald Lensink of Enschede,the Netherlands. He arrived on the 4th of May and spend those lovely days with me until 26th of June. I think he will share his experience to all of you here...just like what we did in the Log Book of this nice resort in Bohol. The nuts huts! We are now even more stronger and he is trying his very best to live and stay with me when he comes back to the Philippines! We are perfectly match! The shoe size, the height, the waistline of our trousers where we can exchange some of those...hihihihi...we have something in common in our past! NOBODY'S PERFECT BUT FOR ME HE'S MR. PERFECT! We both don't wanna loose each other now! We made have some clashes before and misunderstanding between culture difference but Harald taught me how to adjust and overcome my FEAR,INSECURITIES COMING FROM THE PAST! He taught me about some principles in life..every good things...I WILL WAIT FOR YOU MY DEAR! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! YOU ARE #1 IN MY LIFE! THOUGH YOU'D BEEN CLICKED LUCKY#7
Hope you can visit us in our humble dream house someday!
Thank you ladyboy kisses. More Power and may all of the ladyboys there be inspired and have their lovely fairytale to come true!

Peter Canada and Chielo Philippines 05 Jun 2010 Success story
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Dear LadyboyKisses (see updated story below original message)

It gives me great pleasure and honor to tell you that I have fond the the most beautiful, loving and kindest person in the whole world on your website and have fallen in love with the most precious women I can imagine. My beautiful Chielo and I have fallen in love (thanks to you) and we are talking and communicating every day via emails or on skype. I will flying to meet her in May and we hope this will be the beginning of a new life together. I thought I let you know that I won't be renewing my monthly package as I have fond the women of my dreams and want you to know how much I love my CHIELO in Baybay City
My darling sweetheart is the most precious person alive and means
the world to me and we have discussed about getting legally married in my country even if it takes some time to do so. Our love is only getting stronger everyday and I
look forward to seeing my love in one months time. I will send you pictures of our happy reunion once I have returned.
Thank you again for your wonderful website and will highly recommend it to other people who are looking for real love. I understand that there might be other intentions used by others but I feel really lucky to find my special love and can see she is sincere in all here feelings and am so grateful that she has made me the happiest man alive.
Take care and hope you have continued success. Yours truly

Update: June
Well It is now June and I have returned from my trip to see my love of my live and
can honestly say that I have met my true love and my darling Chielo and I have fallen
even more in love and have to look no further as I have truly fond the one person in the whole world who I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am so happy that I flew to visit my sweet Chielo in person and we fell in love even more than I ever thought possible. Thank you to Ladyboy for making are dreams come true.
My darling Chielo will visit me next during Christmas and we plan on getting married and applying for landed immigrate status so we can be together for ever and start a
loving new life together. Our love is true and a honest one and wish all other special ladies out there looking for the that someone special that yes it can happen and hope that some of our pictures together will give you all hope to finding that special one in your live that will love and honor and accept you as you are as I have my loving
Chielo who is the most sweetest, kindest, warmhearted, loving, smartest and beautiful girl I could ever imagine and for that my darling Chielo I thank god for bringing us together and thanking you again for everything, for being there for me everyday and being my true love of my live.
Will see you soon honey in Canada.
love you always your Peter
I hope you all enjoy the pictures