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LadyboyKisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

myka and Todd 01 Oct 2017 Success story
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First of all I just wanna say thank you to this site. I've been a member here for a long time. I've met different people from different countries with different culture, which I find very interesting. For a year of being a member I realized that some guys will not stay long more than we expect and I almost gave up because I thought I might be wasting my time here and about to quit on this site, but what keeps me here is all those inspiring success stories. I love reading their love stories, it gives me hope until such time I got a message from a guy with no picture and he thank me for what I wrote on my profile. I message him back until he asked my viber and gave it to him. We are exchanging messages. We are in the stage of knowing each other. Time pass so fast and I just realized that I have fallen in love with him. Maybe smitten with his care, with his sweet gestures even were miles away. He make sures that I can feel his genuine love for me. He's the sweetest guy I've ever met. He always make me happy, he made me laugh even in slightest thing, he made me blush in just a simple-sweet messages, and at the same time made me cry but in a good way. Or maybe tears of joy. How Todd showed to everyone that he's proud having me as a partner. He always make time to call me despite of the time difference, even we're busy with our works. My love for him grows even more everyday. I never thought that I could find someone like Todd, that will love as much as he do. I never thought that I'm still capable of loving someone again like this. I am really thankful that God still entrust me to share his creation like Todd, trusting me to take care one of His perfect-creature to care and entrust me as well to Todd to love me wholeheartedly and hopefully a never ending love to both of us, to make more happy memories and to spend my life to the man that I can surely called mine and my husband to the soonest...

Natalie... and Patrick... 31 Aug 2017 Success story
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I beg for the notice that , now , I have met a man who me thinks us will live together , we will couple marry soon , he doesn't be the the rich , but , he is the good person , and sincere , which , scarce nowadays , we couple associate with , and live together , poor we couple are certain that , yes , love , we will then agree to use accompany with until , die separate ,

Richard and Vinet 13 Aug 2017 Success story
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I would like to personally thank Ladyboykisses for providing the social medium for online relationship investigation, matchmaking, and meeting. If it were not for this website. . .I know I would have been endlessly searching and forever only having carried a dream for my ideal idea of a ladyboy. My dreams have indeed become that reality; and, both Sissy Vinet and Daddy Rich thank the company.

I have been on this website for over three [plus] years; and, have made many, in fact hundreds of ladyboy contacts within my search criteria (younger-age ladyboys from the Philippines). Personally, I chose a Filipina ladyboy for my own personal and specific reasons, some of which include, (1) They are of an Asian descent and, as male are naturally more feminine as a male than other nationalities; (2) They are of a Filipino and Judeo-Christian culture for centuries that has been influence by Western civilization thought and practice, thus making communicating for us much easier; (2) They are up-to-date on [American] ways of life and lifestyles, all to make for a better transition into [my] culture. A Filipino ladyboy is the best to have and to hold in your life! If you don't believe me. . .go check it out and see for yourself if you do your "social relatinship homework".

Through the years I have spent much personal time to know someone, spent much personal energy to keep managing my contacts, and even my personal monies to really find someone who would be ideal. I am a believer that "Nothing in life is free". . .and, that "Everything in life comes at a price". For the very few realistic and sincere men I say. . .it will indeed take time, energy, and money to really find your "true love" of one from the many. the majority of men here (and ladyboys as well) are simply to simpleminded for understanding the qualities for finding a relationship for and from someone. Just don't give up I say to any serious and sincere person here reading this post.

After communicating here for close to a year, I decided to make my trip to see and be witness of my dreams of wanting a ladyboy in my life, and turning that into a reality. I did know other Filipina ladyboys, and even had visited two others before making a final decision who would be the one in my life forever. Even some ladyboys I knew before my trip turned out in the last hour to being nothing but 'fakes'. . .but their lies were only shown after confirming my trip and leaving. This goes to say the 'old adage' remains with truth. . ."Don't put all your eggs in one basket". As, had I placed all that time, energy, and money in [one] ladyboy; and, to have someone 'back out' at the last minute and not be for real would mean a dire disaster for someone. I have seen this happen with relationships, and even here; and, was glad I had (in my situation) more than ladyboy to know.

After meeting Vinet I knew she was the one person I want to marry and spend my life with. On my trip to see her, we spent over two weeks together in my trip. We visited her hometown province and visited beautiful beach resorts while together. I met her family and friends; and, after a long and well thought-out conversation together I asked for her hand in marriage; and when we both teared with happiness I then asked for her mom's blessing to approve of me to have her [son-daughter] in marriage.

Prior to and at this point in my life I have no regrets having a known curiosity and later interest and further commitment to wanting ladyboy in my life. I am oh-so happy to make our dream become a reality, the first method by doing a fiance' visa application for Vinet to come to here so for us to be married, as in the United States it is written into law for 'same-sex' marriage as a national/federal recognition. So, our plans are to get married here legally and to be married traditionally when we return soon afterwards to the Philippines.

I will periodically check in to provide any milestones in our life together as a married couple and post either a "Success Story" or "Testimonial" here, as I do notice that even though there are such stories and testimonials - there are those that have not withstood afterwards the "test of time". To the less than one percent here who may find someone, and to the even lesser than one percent who survive in the male-ladyboy relationship afterwards. . .keep trying your best to finding someone; and, if you find a [potential] person. . .do you homework on them so you can pass the test in having that someone special in your life you are searching for.

Daddy Rich

Michael and Ayumi 22 Jul 2017 Success story
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Good day. Reading her words has moved me in a way that I have never felt in my life. She is the most loving, thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful person I've ever know. My heart belongs to her forever and i will do everything I can so we can be together forever. I've never felt more loved and the only thing I want in this world is for her to feel that love and more. She have made me feel so good. I love you with all my heart. You have given me hope and joy beyond words. I can't stand another minute without holding her in my arms. To have the chance to hold her and to look into her beautiful brown eyes for just a fleeting moment, I would trade the world. A single kiss from her lips is gold and the sound of her voice is one thousand birds singing only for me. I'm the happiest man on this earth my love my Aya. Thank you Ladyboy kisses for bringing me my beautiful wife to be. We are on our steps right now to live as one. Im the luckiest man on earth and without you Ladyboykisses family i wouldnt find my one and only Ayumi. Thank you for the wonderful thing you have given to me ladyboykisses and thats my wife to be.

----Michael 42 from USA

Ayumi and Michael 19 Jul 2017 Success story
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We are just proving that we are meant for each other. Our story begins here and the feeling is mutual. To all who are seeking love and still finding love. Dont give up because one day soon, when you feel its real. Grab it! Destiny will agree.

Thank you Ladyboykisses Family! The search is over :)

allen and Khaled 26 Jun 2017 Success story
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hello guys,
i already had my man to be in my life..and surely,we will have a nice life together..what we are doing now is to see if we will be true for each other or we'll just go what ever the reason and the prize could be..i do have a big hope and also i like to wait if ever he is not yet that ok..

he is no other than, mohamed salh

i miss you and hopefully we can chat again real soon..

Sammie and Isagani 20 Jun 2017 Success story
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After a few fakers raked my heart. I finally met Izzy. OMG she is the best for me. I have Visa processing soon and I will marry "my and only" one. Amazing she is so sweet and kind. I am blessed. I almost gave up. DON'T give up and be true, IF it seems wrong it most likely IS. I believe the right one is always there for anyone
I know that most men are looking for photo or escort, some of is are true and want a partner,
Honesty and integrity is a serious relationship must! When I met izza I had been hurt, so had izza, we healed each other with each moment of love, honesty and never tired of our conversation several times a day, at times I just say to her, talk to me... I will fall asleep in a wonderful dream listen to her voice.
Soon my love will have the interview and medical, I am finally finally processing the K Visa

I can never imagine a life with anyone else!!! We are both ladyboys and we understand each other like no one else can, I am going to say that I was searching for several years and I met nice Ladyboy liars, cheater and sex Maniac Ladyboys. I am going to guess men are the same, but some men are true,and Ladyboys are special and different and need special care, so guys need to know that we are people not porno stars, we are lady boy, so we like to be her she and ma'am, hormones that change the body are powerful and do things to the mind, emotions and sex drive, we are always afraid that the next time we go out we may be beaten raped or murdered so we need someone who understands what we are, and you will have the best wife ever!!!!! We make awesome parents too, never give up and àlways be true!!!

Another update,,, still fighting the process and I am feeling like we are going to succeed. So many years. Just read an angry story about Filipino ladyboy. I am a ladyboy, I know I met the exact same people gold digger liars and cheats all over the USA, addicts and people who do five guys a day... girls,boys, tg doesn't matter.
My ex wife is Filipina woman and she did want some money, but the American wife destroyed my life, crackhead. Sorry for people who get hateful, I am not an angel anyway, but I love my lb husband and I doubt that the entire one day pay I send every month will be missed anymore than the two days pay smoking cigarettes. He is right, people are cheating whores in South Florida Maine, Thailand Philippines even India, did I miss someone??? Not every American is a lazy junkie and not every Filipino is a gold digger, internet dating is 95% bullshit but I am 110% Happy with my husband, fiancé sorry. People who FaceTime four hours a day everyday???for years? Nah I am pretty sure we are real
Love my Issa!!

Joe and Gold Igger 13 Jun 2017 Success story
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Please read before considering sending money or getting involved with anyone from the Philippines.

90% of these 'success' stories are not a success AT ALL! seeing some ladyboy in their 20's with a western man who is not just old enough to be her dad, but old enough to be her GRANDAD is sickening, the vast majority of them are with FILIPINO gold diggers with a very low IQ, western men should watch out for Filipino's in particular, they are the worst gold diggers of all the asian countries, possibly the worst in the world for this.

Do you really think an attractive ladyboy in her 20's, or even 30's is going to really love a man in his 60s or 70s? it's disgusting what they do, because a lot of the elderly gentlemen are widows or divorced, who may have sat alone for years with not even someone to have a conversation with who are vunerable and desperate for a little company in the last remaining years of their lives, these older men may have a very small amount of money left maybe $10,000 or $20,000 in their savings account, which will probably be the left overs they have of life savings from a lifetime of hard work.

I appreciate that the Philippines is a very poor country, I have sympathy for that but there is a good reason why they are poor - they do nothing whatsoever to better themselves, the men are a joke, they do nothing and like a lot of south east asian countries they let the women do all the work while they sit around in flip flops doing fuck all drinking Red Horse...they are addicted to lying and they don't want to work, they would rather some western men come in and fix all their problems for them.

Many filipinos still think Marcos was a good president, this is how powerful his disgusting propaganda was, relatives of the marcos family are still active in the Philippines by the way, and even though he sold his own people down the river and kept hundreds of millions of dollars of THEIR money to himself, hidden in swiss bank accounts ect they still like him......duhhhh, he took out stupidly high interest loans from the IMF and world bank that the country is still paying off today, it will never pay off these loans, they have been paying off just the interest on these loans for years and years, it will be hundreds of years before they come anywhere near to paying their debts.

They are a proud people, too proud for their own good, pride is not a good thing, especially when they have not much to be proud about, the most significant thing they have contributed to the world is decent coconuts and the fucking yoyo, what a joke. Thats why filipinos cling so tightly to anything that may give them a sense of national pride, wether it be Manny Pacquaio or some shitty beauty contest, yet sports stars and models offer nothing of any real value to the world whatsoever. Westerners have given them medical science, pharmaceuticals, computers, the motor car, the electricity grid, architecture, the telephone, the internet and so many other things, what do they offer us in return? nothing.....

The idea of honesty and loyalty is an absolutely alien concept to them, their culture is utterly corrupt and many filipino's grow up thinking this is normal human behaviour, if you are a westerner there and get pulled over by the police in your car you you will have to give a few peso's to the policeman, thats just the bribe money, this is normal, they are backwards. Sick man of Asia, always have been, always will be, until there is a massive shift in their culture, which is not going to happen anytime soon as they find some bullshit distraction to blame their problems on like killing a few hundred shabu addicts instead of addressing their real problems, well that isn't going to fix much really but it does make a low IQ poorly educated population fall in love with the sly brutal wannabe dictator caveman Duterte, by the end of his presidency nothing much will have changed, smokey mountain will still be there, everything will be exactly the same, as poor as ever.

What western men considering dating a filipino need to understand is that it is perfectly normal in filipino culture for a girl to have many of what they call 'suitors', so you are online chatting to a girl who you really like, just remember even though she won't admit it to you, you're just another western joe added to her list, she will be doing the exact same thing to 5, 10, maybe even 20 or more other idiot men around the world, trying hard to give you some sob story (which may be genuine) none the less it's an effort to extract money from you via some online money transfer site like western union. Even if she gets no money from you she will be getting dick behind your back from whoever will give it, especially if you are an older man, she will be getting fucked by lot's of younger men through out your relationship with her, that is guaranteed, they are not loyal at all, older western men really need to understand this.

At the end of the day they are going to fuck you over, that is guaranteed, I am not denying some of these girls appear very nice initially, speak good english, and will be very convincing and genuine in their effort to gain money from you, but in the end YOU will loose if you are stupid and naive and do not take this advice being given to you, you may have a week of fun, a month, even a few years but in the end YOU will be the broken hearted victim who has given loads of money to a turd.

I know all of this from complete personal experience because I am married to a filipino ladyboy for over 6 years, I did not meet her in the Philippines or on a dating site, I met her in my own country where she was already living, trust me I know the real truth about their culture and their people. Nothing good is ever going to come of these people will the economic situation rermains the same, and that even includes me, we will all get lied to, cheated on, or gold digged in the end.

Guys It's time to wise up and men should start acting like men and stops being cucks, there is always one or two good ones in amongst the rest, but remember their close friends will have great influence over them and a leopard will never change their spots, you can take the girl out of the philippines, but you can't take the philppines out of the girl, you are going to struggle.

Thai's are way more attractive but only just a safer bet, mostly because the buddhist culture there is healthier than the disgustingly corrupt catholic church in the Philippines, but only just, and the same problems I have mentioned will still all apply massively. They have much better food as well, Filipino food is the worst of all asian countries, absolutely disgusting....

If you want a decent asian ladyboy find one from a country that is not economically desperate like Japan or South Korea. Don't be a stupid gaga putang ina mo!!!!


and 11 May 2017 Success story
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Thanks lbk that i found the half of my heart here,we are almost 6 months together here in philippines for those still searching dont lost hope be who you are and stay real and honest to your lover God blessed you all ......

Yurie and Michel 10 Apr 2017 Success story
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thank you LBK for making this site, because of you i met the love of my life.

our love story is not good from the beginning but what happen in the past is not important because because
in the end of the day we are happy living together now. i am looking forward more more happiest moment for
both of us. and i am hoping this success love story inspired to the youth ladyboy who is seeking thier partner.
god bless and have a nice day.

Jaryl and Dalton 24 Feb 2017 Success story
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First of all I would like to thank this website because finally I've found the man that I've been waiting for the rest of my life.

Last January 2017 on the 31st we chatted as strangers. Days past by we are more comfortable to each other. Now my baby Dalton is my life. And yeah I'm his life too. I know this sounds crazy but this is what we want. We both love each other and know our limitations. Now as a couple we are planning a lot of things to do in the near future. Hopefully this year we will see each other. He always support me what I need in life and I can say that he's all I need. I love him so much and he mean the world to me.

Thank you for reading. I know someday you will find yours soon. Muaaah. Just keep on searching.

I love you my future husband, the father of my kids.
Loving you forever Dalton.
Your loving wife to be,

Gemma and Peter 08 Feb 2017 Success story
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thank you so much ladyboy kisses for your site i finally found my man of my dreams :) were happy together :))

Isabel and Manfred 23 Oct 2016 Success story
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hello guys
i just wanna share my stories .
One day i met this guy name Manfred last February 4 here in ladyboykisses.
we both introduce our self and the day passed by we both know the things that we want and also our personality as a person but sometimes the language in both sides is difficult because he don`t totally understand the English language and that`s why sometimes its hard to express our feelings.
we always exchange messages ,we spend two to three hours chatting and we became couple for one month only and after that he broke up with me .
after we broke up i feel that there`s something in me that i don`t know what it is and its keeps bothering me.
after 5 months, Manfred live a message to me saying that he want to go back with me and i accept it right away and we became couple again and the feelings that`s is bothering in me is already gone because Manfred is back .
Manfred send a photo and i was shock because its a ticket and he said to me that he will come here in Davao,Philippines and will get married and at first i don`t believe him until the day his arrival I am in the airport and I am so scared that my instinct is right but I am happy when i saw him walking towards to me and i hug him right away and after that we spend time together.
the day in our wedding i cant explain how happy I am and i felt that I am the luckiest person in the world that i met this guy who totally loved me for who I am and what i am he loved me even I am crazy, he understand me and take good care of me when
I am not in good condition he always say that I am the most beautiful person that he ever seen.

Now, Manfred is in the Germany right now and I am hoping that he will come back to me and spend his life with me forever.

love is not about money,fame or how long that you have been together but love is a feeling that only you and your partner knows what it is and even he is far far away its not a hindrance to us to stop loving.

I will promise that i will never forget even the single memories that we shared,i will treasure it until my last breath.

I am so thankful that God gave me you, ich liebe dich Manfred .

don`t stop searching ,the right guy will come to you in a perfect moment.

your wife,

and 08 Aug 2016 Success story
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Janna and Luciensc 08 Aug 2016 Success story
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hi to all guys and ladyboys that are searching on this site. I have been here. We all know it is hard to find a seriouse relitionship. Now I found a good lover. I know it is rare in this site. Because he has a genuine heart. I hope all members in this site can find compatible and have luck. And god bless all of members here. Amazing he is so sweet and kind. I am blessed. I almost gave up. DON'T give up and be true. IF it seems wrong it most likely IS. I believe the right one is always there for anyone.

Craig and 24 Jul 2016 Success story
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I married a ladyboy from Thailand. Truth is she is more of a "lady" than most women I have known. I met her without knowing how special she was, and after a short period of time, I began to realize that I was falling in love with her. At this point, it did not matter to me what was "between her legs", only that I got to spend time with her. As time moved on, so did our relationship... I truly looked forward to being together with her... we really got to know each other, did many things together and trusted each other emotionally and intimately... I really did fall in love with this person. Please know that I am not gay. I have NEVER been attracted to a man, not even once in my 50+ years on this earth. But when I got to know my special lady, I realized that it does not matter what gender your partner is... It is more important to love the "person" rather than live by some unwritten rule that if you are a man, you must love a woman gender... As far as I am concerned, I DO love a woman who has some very special qualities, including what is between her legs. We are married now... I cant' believe it. And, I can't believe how happy I am.

Zyl and Dave 05 Jul 2016 Success story
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I'm so happy to know him he makes my life happy and excitement I love you always asawa ko thank you for the love and care for me.. we where always be One.. muahhh thank you too LBK I found here my crush my o e and only asawa ko.. Dave .

Ayessa and Jürgen 22 Jun 2016 Success story
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Thanks to Lbk ! Yes, we found us here in Nov. 2015. Relationship started with writing every day. Now, in June 2016 we saw and touched us first time. Two hearts beating as one. We stay together for the rest of our lives.

Good luck to everyone who is searching here !!!

nicole and 18 Jun 2016 Success story
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thanks a lot LBK. I hope I will fall in love again. i hope and i pray i can find again the true happiness in life that would be to love and beloved unconditionally. may god bless us always. hugs and kisses.

H and T 11 Apr 2016 Success story
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Thank lbk I found a partner in life happy and inlove

More power lbk