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LadyboyKisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Jeffery and Rodolfo 21 Nov 2012 Success story
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Rodolfo and I would like to thank LBK for introducing us. Even though our relationship is new it is starting off on a strong foundation. LBK gave us the opportunity to discover each other, which would of been merely impossible with out them.
We thank you again,
Jeffery and Redolfo

john and bernard 19 Nov 2012 Success story
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i would like to tell you that i have found the most amazing woman in my life as we plan to get married and also to meet her soon so we can start out lifes together as man and wife as we thank god for bringing us together bernadette i love you so much nad i thank lbk for being here and i cant wait till i see you in your wedding dress as we exchange vows at our ceramoney

angel and kevin 18 Nov 2012 Success story
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Hi everyone..

First of all i would like to thanks to ladyboykisses bcoz if lbk not here i didnt found my mahal..

Well were still at the stage of getting to know each other but he have a plan to visit me here this coming 28th of December and im still looking forward to see him in person..

I feel that i'm the happiest lady boy in the world..hahaha

we both happy when were talking on skype and at phone..

well i will inform all of you what will gonna make it happen

to my mahal 'kevin' thanks for being there for me and the love care dont worry i will love you with all my life and soul..

take care

carla and gavin 01 Oct 2012 Success story
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Hello everybody!

I finally found someone and I am with him now :)

Thank you soo much Ladyboykisses site :) I LOVE HIM SO MUCH , he is so good like no other man ( I'll upload our photo soon ) now I am taking the best shot ever :) lol

kevin and nicah 29 Sep 2012 Success story
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First of all I would like to say thanks to Ladyboykisses,com because I found my Nicah Alonzo in this site!

She is the one who made my hearth boooooommmmmmmmm!

We are going to meet on december!

I love you so much Nicah!

mahal na mahal kita <3xxxx

Wayne and Francine 24 Sep 2012 Success story
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Hi everyone

I have found my perfect beautiful partner, Francine.
We were married on the 15th September
I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Francine, you so wonderful in all ways, you are not only beautiful on the outside, you have a beautiful, kind and loving heart

I will love you forever

mike and Sheila Boo Boo 22 Sep 2012 Success story
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Kamusta all:

I am pleased to announce I met this week Sheila the most amazing girl here on this site inside and out.

She is everything any guy can wish for she is kind gentle funny and sexy.

She makes me laugh and smile and gives me tears of happiness.

I am one lucky guy.

We will meet soon and I know there is no other like her in the world. She is my diyosa and my world.

Please watch for future updates to come!

Daniel and Nica 16 Aug 2012 Success story
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Hello to everybody!

Until the day I met My Nica I was wondering that this Earth is lost and without purpose. She is the example that all others should follow. Honorable to the core, stunningly beautiful inside and outside.

I went to meet Nica in her city and when she came downstairs my jaw dropped to the floor! I could not believe how graceful this lovely person was!

We chatted for a short while and she had to go back upstairs to finish her shift. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving and it was like an electrical current gripped my heart and froze me in place. I've never felt so intensely attracted to anyone. Ever!

During my time in the Philippines I learned some of the customs and tasted some of the new and exotic foods that this wonderful land had to offer. Nica and I opened our hearts to each other and we fell so deeply in love that it has become impossible to imagine life without her anymore!

For the first time in my life I am truly happy and there is NOTHING I wouldn't do for My Baby. She is the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful person I know. I love her, respect her, and admire her incredible courage for becoming the person she is today.

We are engaged now and I will bring her to Canada this fall to come live with me and (if she'll accept) I will marry her.

We both wish you all the same success that we have enjoyed!

Dan & Nica

ghasenina and mykel 14 Aug 2012 Success story
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Matt and Maybelle 12 Aug 2012 Success story
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Thank you ladyboykisses.

So many beautiful ladyboys too many hearts that could be broken so many opportunities for love.

I have met my beautiful maybelle on here and I hope tha we can be together soon.

Good luck to everyone he and hope that you find the love and happiness you're looking for always.

Xoxoxoxoxox here is to hoping my future can become a reality.

Paolo and Dawn 08 Aug 2012 Success story
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Dear Amministration,

I am glad to announce you that I have found on your precious site,
my special and unique woman Dawn :

Thank you a lot for all this.


Hello Ladyboy Kisses!

Thank you so much since because of this wonderful and romantic site I finally found the one of my life, my loved one!

We will be meeting soon! I'm so happy for having him in my life now! I hope that it will turn out great after we have our first meeting in person. I want to give him the best moments while he is here with me here in my country.

I really do love my Paolo, my Piccolo, I want to cherish all the love that we had before meeting and after our first meeting in person!

Thank's so much Ladyboy Kisses site! Because of him I'm consistently happy with my life, my loved made me see how beautiful life is, he made me realize that I need to change myself for better and not for worst, that includes changing my actions, thoughts and perception in life to become a better individual.

Thank you so much Ladyboy Kisses site! More power and keep it up!

Love lots Dawn.

John and Alfie 04 Aug 2012 Success story
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Thanks to LBD!!!!!

I have met the lady I've been hoping to find. We now talk off-line and are going to meet soon. We both believe we have found love,and thanks to you, we will soon be together forever!

Love you Alfie! You are my sweetheart!

Mac 19 Jul 2012 Testimonial
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I want to thank you for the service you provide in search of happiness.

With passion and light we put our energies for find the right person for share life together

Mathias 07 Jun 2012 Testimonial
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Hallo everybody!

This is for all of you to make you aware of what could be, based on my experiences...

Firstly I want to state what a great site LBK is, in my opinion. It's everythig, the way it's created, the name (kisses sounds sp much like love...) and much more.
Nevertheless it's a dating site and those always include some risks. The fact that it's about transgender people from often poorer countries is maybe also important. But all in all this site is a huge progress for ladyboys and paople wanting to meet them.

In my experience about 60-80%, maybe even more ladyboys here are looking for money. Just for you to be aware. Maybe that's also true the other way around. I mean I guess there are also like 60-80% of men, maybe more, looking for some kind of sex (cam, cyber, real,...).
So always be aware of that and take a closer look at who you want to date. Often you can also guess from the profile what could be, I mean. On the other side of course it's not that easy. I mean men wanting sex is something natural I guess, so don't be too judgemental on that. Of course just sex is no good for a relationship. The same is true for money. Decide for yourself. I guess girls and also ladyboys from poorer countries expect some support from thier boyfriends. It's also a cultural thing, I guess, as the situation in Asia concering money support might be different. Nevertheless be aware and decide for yourself what is acceptable and what's not. And for the girls that are really looking for love: be aware that in western culture there is a thin line between asking for money and being a whore. So it's your desicion.
And, of course if you contact a person that is without a job and you want to become her boyfriend, I guess it's a normal thing the ladyboy expects you to support her when she's living of like 1-5 percent of your income... On the other hand I personally would never support somebody I haven't met in person.

I tried this service once and contacted like 10-15 ladyboys. Some just asked for paper, some didn't seem interested, some acted a littel strange. E.g. when I told them honestly I was talking to 5 more ladyboys at the same time they stopped talking to me... Why? Men pay like 1800 PHP for being allowed to talk to ladyboys. Are we expected to just contact one by one? And after one moth that's another 1800 PHP. I think that's stupid. But I talked to 3 of them for longer. And finally decided to meet one in person.
It was a good desicion to do so and we had a great time together. I was in my mid 20s at that time. We liked each other. I visited a second time 10 month later. It was always good, but I realized a lot of things during this year:
Long distance relationships are just useless. You should consider that or they will ruin your relationship on the long run, no matter how. It's possible for a short time, but no longer. So if you are looking for something serious keep in mind you should create a sitiation that enables you to live in the ladyboys country of you should "marry" the ladyboy and live together in your country. But of course you have to decide whether it's possible you introduce her to your parents and friends, because that's also included here. I wasn't able to do both at that time so I had to end it.
In my case there were also some other facts that were important: Money. At first the two visits there were quite expensive there. To fly there from Germany it was like 1000 Euros, just the flight. That's like 60.000 PHP for the flight back and force. Plus the hotel and activities there. Quite a lot. And my ladyboy also started to ask for some money after some time. I gave her some, but decided I had to end everything at the same time. Additionally I noticed she gained like 8-10 kg during those 10 month without me. Maybe due to the fact she could affort a taxi and more sweets. Maybe it was also supported by the pills she took, but also due to her lifestyle. Well, it was quite disappointing to see how the money was "invested"... Maybe it's expected too much and may sound superficial, but considering the fact that I lost 10 kg during this time and looked superhot that was also not what I expected.

So that's my experience. I can tell you it's worth a try. You can have an amazing great time. My ladyboy lived in the Phillipines and people there are very friendly and I met a lot of nice people there. I was taken care of very good. I was e.g. introduced to her family during my first visit. And I might go there again when I've earned enough money to afford so.
As long as you are able to live together the whole time or most time of the year I can only say: give it a try. I also belive my relationship would have been different and would still exist if I was able to live together from the time on we first met. Well wasn't ment to be.
And to the ladyboys here: please realize that it's a huge step to go for a relationship for a western man. It's expensive to do so and also takes a strong man to really go for it and to adhere to his ladyboy. Always treat him well, support and respect him, because it's a rare thing to find.

I've paused my search for now, maybe continuing it later, under better circumstances.

I want to end by wishing everybody the very best success with their search. And please keep in mind that this site is for people looking for love and a good relationship with each other so always be fair and good to the people you meet. Or you could influnece and stop them from looking for love here forever.

I Love you all! Take care and good luck! M.

PS: Every misspelling is my copyright ;)

Amara and Donald 04 Jun 2012 Success story
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First thanks to Ladyboykisses because I have met my soul mate. He is Donald from USA, we met last year in Cancun and it was a great time. He is a good man (the best I have ever met), he shows me how important I am for him and we have plans to get marry soon. Altough it was not my dream going to USA now I wanna be with my love and I'll go to there this year. We had a perfect match since we met first time we share likes and a lot of things in common.

Thanks God because after some mistakes I finally found a good man for me. I mean someone who loves me the same way I love him.

I want you in my life foverer Donald.

princess ronnel and jeff,,, 30 May 2012 Success story
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I would like to thank Ladyboykisses for making my dreams come true.

Finally I found the one for me! It's really a blessing to meet Jeff!!!!

The love of my life is a very nice person, loyal, honest, loving. I love you with all my heart and soul! I promise I will do my best to make you happy!

Thanks for your unconditional love! You are one of a kind! I will love you until the end!

Thanks for this site because here is where I found my future husband!!!!!

Once again thank you so much and god bless us all guys,,,,,,,,,,,

Mike and Bea 21 May 2012 Success story
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I came across LBK when surfing the net. At first I just looked around the site not thinking that these kinds of sites really work. Out of a whim I decided to purchase a membership. After setting up my profile, I was flooded with contacts. I felt like a kid in a candy store. So many choices. At first it was fun and I had over 50 contacts on my list. Then I knew that I needed to getting this list down to one. I made a decision that I would base my choice on the area that I would travel to. I chose the NCR. I finally narrowed my choices down to two. What agony, how to pick one. I did and made the trip to Manila. The trip itself was an adventure and was baffled on how to find Bea in the crowds of people. I was about to give up when I saw her walking toward me. The recognition was immediate as was the core excitement. Bea and I clicked insantly, even though we had chatted only for a couple of weeks. Bea and I spent the next 6 days in constant company. I do not think I could have ever found such a wonderful person such as Bea if not for this site. We are in daily contact and are making plans for my retirement next year. We plan on me going to the Philipines and living with Bea for the rest of my life. I cannot believe my good fortune, and look forward to my retirement rather than looking at an empty life as before.

Rick 13 May 2012 Testimonial
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I am deleting my profile after only a week...there are some beautiful girls on here, unfortunately many are really looking for something more than what their profile indicates (money?) It's a shame, because it creates an air of cynicism for others looking to make a real connection. To those of you who are REAL, good luck in your search, Rick

Barbie, if you read this I think you're wonderful!

cher and frank 05 May 2012 Success story
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Thank you soooooooo much Ladyboykisses!

I already found my soul mate in the first week of June! I'm leaving to Germany to start a new happy wonderful life with him.

I'm sooo proud of Frank! He is a nice loving person! We are planning our marriage in germany.

Words just can't express my happiness!!!!!

Once again: Thank you soooo much LADYBOYKISSES! You are the best!!!!!!

Ralph and Angela 20 Apr 2012 Success story
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Dear All,

Angela and I met in LadyboyKisses and we clicked immediately. I am glad and excited that I met an honest and truly understanding person that I have been looking for.

It is also important to mention that Angela did understand me so well and in return I am determined to have a very positive impcat in her life that will ultimately lead us to live together in my home country.

The plan now is that we will meet next month although will be talking daily and I am so comfortable being with her.

They say finding a good ladyboy is difficult but I think it is not that difficult once you do the right search and Angela was for sure my luckystrike.

Always have faith and stay positive and good things will happen. Thank you Angela for becoming part of my life for good.